You fall asleep and suddenly spring to your feet? If this ailment comes back from time to time it is possible that you suffer from myoclonus. They are associated mainly with diseases of the nervous system. Myoclonus are sometimes confused with motor tics and epilepsy.

Myoclonus is a muscle cramp. They can stem from many different locations of the human body, such as the spinal cord, cerebral cortex or brain stem. The condition is associated with short spasms of single muscle or group of muscles. This is known also as muscle tugs. They are the most noticeably during the sleep. Myoclonus may also occur as a result of excessive exercises.

There are several types of myoclonus. The first, pathological ones, are associated with different diseases. They are treated symptomatically with the use of pharmacological agents. Myoclonus may also occur as a complication of viral infection. Another type is spinal myoclonus. They arise in the nerved parts of muscles by the spinal cord. They are caused by tumors, inflammations or injuries. They can be cured with clonazepam.

In turn, hypnagogic myoclonus are connected with sleep problems. They are related to the moment of transition from wakefulness to sleep onset. This disorder is not subjected to any treatment. It results from the excess of stressful situations and insomnia. Diagnosis of myoclonus is quite difficult. Medical history is not enough for a doctor to give a concrete opinion. Close observation and recordings can be very useful. Myoclonus can be caused by some drugs, like penicillin, certain antidepressants, gabapentin, and antiepileptic agents. Exclusion and examination of all eventualities will help to find a solution to troublesome problems.